Clean master apk

Clean Master Apk

The best apk to keep your android performing well without getting bothered by the time or the activity you are doing with the android is Clean master. It is the best cleaner apk, the phone booster and also the antivirus apk that you can find freely and easily.

In the world of the Android now a cleaner app has become a must have app in the android app store.

Why you need a cleaner for your android? In today’s digital world there are lot of things for us to explore. Many data and information are at hand. Most of us are using our mobile phone more frequently and so accumulation of unwanted files have become a common process which may finally lead to slower your android and also consumes considerable space from the space that is there for your important files. A cleaner apk helps you to solve many glitches including the above matters. The android has become more prominent among most of the people around the world no matter what the status is. So you all must have a clear idea about the cleaner apk that you can download in your android which will help you to maintain your android in a better condition.

If we talk about clean master apk now it has become the top cleaning apk for the android. It is being used by many of the android users all over the world. The apk can be installed freely and easily to your android without facing any difficulty. It will downloaded and installed within few seconds to your android. You don’t have to wait a much longer time for the response. The response time of the apk is very short. For each and every activity the apk will take only two or three seconds. Just one tap needed, the action is completed.

What are the things done by clean master apk?

The key function of the apk is the cleaning of your android. The apk will clean every type of junk files that are stored in your android. It will act against viruses, hence it is with antivirus property. The clean master apk will help to maintain the temperature of the CPU in an optimum level. The CPU cooling property that will aid in saving battery life is also one of the key features of the clean master apk. In addition the apk will help to block some annoying notifications from various apps in your android and also it will help to clean these temporary used notifications from your device by freeing your internal storage space. Now the whatsapp messenger has become a commonly used social media app. The junk files created by this app also contribute in weakening the performance of your android. But nothing to worry about because the apk itself consists of a whatsapp scrubber that delete all the junk files in the whatsapp.

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Download Filelinked for free Streaming Apps – Install on Nvidia Shield

How to install filelinked on your Nvidia shield also stick around all the way to the end and I will actually give a filelinked code that’s going to give you access to some of the most popular Streaming Apks. Frequently and I’ll also show you how you can remove the files you downloaded from file linked after they’re installed. So they don’t take up so much space so let’s get file linked installed and then show you that code where you can download some apks right away.

First just go ahead and go to apps on your Nvidia shield and then click on whatever browser you have. I’m gonna click on Chrome then just go ahead and type in where you see it says search for type a web address and we’re going to type

press ENTER and then you’ll get the download prompt on Chrome or most your browser’s and click download you can then open it right here and I didn’t open it fast enough so what we need to do is if you have that problem or can’t find it let’s just go to the home screen and use ES File Explorer  if you don’t have you can installed it is in the Play Store just search for ES File Explorer and install. That now we’re going to go in here and look for it it’ll be under local usually and see if it shows it under download and it does. You’ll see FileLinked then click install and you’ll click install right down and that’s it.You may be asked that you need to authorize them to allow you to download it if you do just click “settings” and go ahead and allow that just be installed.

Then you’ll just go ahead and click open newly installed Filelinked app. All in one Filelinked Code is mentioned below.

Best Filelinked Code : 17779393

To download and install install these apps  click on the little down arrow. Here we’re doing AppFlix. After it complete downloading click the play button. You’re getting one of those click settings if you get this wait for everything to pop up here and you’ll need to look in select to allow file least I get that selected their file week to install go ahead and backup click the play button again install give it just a moment to finish installing. Then just go ahead and you can either open it right now or simply click done. If you go back to the home screen now and go to your app section you will find filelinked apk in there and Appflix apk that just installed.

How you can remove the files you downloaded so you’ll launch FileLinked and right up at the main screen where you enter the code you see little trash can click on that do you want to delete all files from the filelinked downloaded folder you can also find this folder in the ES File Explorer but just click yes it’ll go ahead and remove all the files that get downloaded. Because once they’re installed you no longer need the install file.

App of the Day:

There are lots of Android App Stores out there.From them only few third party app stores are able to maintain its popularity and trustworthiness. From them AC Market plays a major role in app market. Because this is the one of the best Android app store that you can live with. There are lots of reasons for that. Mostly all the apps are directly maintained by AC Market apk developer team not the third party users who registered with the app like Aptoide. So there is more confidence when installing apps and games from this app market.

Movies and tV series Apps

Best Movies And TV Series Android apps for all your needs

Movies And TV series are the top most things when it comes to entertainment. Many people are looking for free Movies and TV shows streaming apps for their Smart TV. Many people use Amazon FireTV, Fire TV Stick, Fire TV cube and Nvidia Shield to use Android apps on their TV. Most popular is the Fire TV stick and popularity increases with the release of Fire TV stick 4K version.

There are lots of Movies and TV series Android app available completely for free. How to protect and watch all those movies hidden from your ISP and Country. The only way is using a VPN. By using a VPN you are protected on what you are watching. No one can track you or there will be no ISP warning letters telling you are using torrent sites. No need to worry. Check below VPN deal and start using VPN toda

Protect Your Privacy with world best VPN GET NordVPN Just only for $2.99/month. Click below Links

Movies and TV Series Android Apps

Cinema HD APK

Since Terrarium and Morpheus TV apps are disappearing many other movies apps came in to play. You may start to use other apps due to that reason. My choice of selection of Cinema HD app. I start to use this because this is a legit app and not a clone of existing Movies app that is hard to trust. CinemaHD has all the feature of the major or once popular Movies And TV series apps have like Trakt integration and other popular integrations with major services you want. Cinema HD is completely free Android app can be used easily with Amazon FireTV , Fire TV stick and all. You can download and stream without any buffering issues.


AppFlix is also a Movies and TV series streaming Android app. But this is different than ordinary Movies and TV series app you see. This app provide links to dub and sub version of the movie or TV series you select. Specially Spanish or you can find English dub version of a foreign Movie using AppFlix. You can download and watch movies later using AppFlix. Not a clone it is legit app that provides constant updates to ensure app is up to date with competing apps.

AnimeDroid S2

Are you a Anime Lover. Watching Anime are so interesting. If you still doesn’t have seen any Anime just try out. All going to be free. You may have heard about Crunchyroll app. It is pretty expensive to watch using Crunchyroll. AnimeDroid S2 is the best alternative to watch dub or sub version of foreign Anime using English. Contains lots of links to watch Anime you love. All comes free. This app comes with Ads. You can use any adblocker app you like and use AnimeDroid S2 without ads. Since premium version removes ads you can get premium version for free just by installing any ad blocker app.


Apart from Movies and TV series if you want to watch Live TV channels then app is for you. Watching Live TV channels using your Android phone via internet is completely free with LiveFlix. What ever the country you are, it does not matter. Watch TV channels from selected top countries for free containing Cartoons, Movies, Sports and Adult content channels. All are free.


If you are using Android TV device like Amazon Fire TV or Nvidia shield or etc, then Filelinked will be more useful to you. Because typing long URLs to download apps or movies will be pain. Because you have to type those long URLs using your remote. Instead FileLinked offers Digits to download apps and games you want. Try out. It is a must have app for your TV.

AC Market

Lastly, this no related with movies and TV Series. If you Android TV does not have good App Store then use AC Market. This market place looks like Play store and have millions of Android apps and Games available for free. No login needed. Just install and download any app you want. No limitations and country blocks.

App Suggestions

Try installing kiwi vpn and enjoy free unlimited VPN service on your mobile phone. Best Android phone player is Perfect Player. Earn free money by completing free surveys from Zap Surveys. Download Happy Chick

GP WhatsApp Latest Version 6.40 Download now for Free.

GP WhatsApp or Dual WhatsApp for Android. As you know best WhatsApp mod app is from Omar the developer of GP WhatsApp or GB WhatsApp. Using this WhatsApp mod you can have two WhatsApp accounts on your Android phone. No need to have two smartphones to use two WhatsApp accounts.

Why dual whatsApp is more important. Many Android users around the world use WhatsApp for messaging and sharing information. If you want to have two account one for home and other for office then GP WhatsApp is the best solution. With dual WhatsApp you can separate your office life from family life. No need to take two smart phones to have two WhatsApp accounts. Download Latest version of GP WhatsApp from below download link for free.

There are more expected features on WhatsApp GP than official version. You can read messages without enabling “seen” text on other texting party. Unlike WhatsApp Plus version GpWhatsApp receive updates and features to keep the app up to date.

Gp WhatsApp Verion 6.40 Change log

  • Exclusively improved option for Specific/Except Contacts/Groups in Auto-reply
  • Improved no need to restart When use privacy except for hide Last Seen.
  • Enabled locked voice recordings ( Press and swipe up. No need to hold for recording).
  • Enabled group settings – Send Messages  (Once enabled only Admin can send messages in group)
  • Add Stock Fab ( Mod 2.7.9)
  • Added option to hide new chat icon from header. (Mod 2.1.11).
  • Added option for disabled revoked message notification (Mod 6.20)
  • Added option to disable Auto-Reply when hide read.
  • Added option to enable video icon in conversation header (Mod 1.1.16).
  • Added Custom Media Auto-Download in Custom Chats.
  • Added now you can search by Name in Theme Server.
  • Updated Brazilian and Italian Language.
  • Fixed Contacts Name color when add Participants.
  • Fixed Bubble color.
  • Fixed privacy for Blue Microphone.
  • Fix GIF Background color.
  • Fixed Attach icon not showing in broadcast chat.
  • Fixed Action Bar color, Icon Background color, Counter color in Hidden Chats and Archived Chats.
  • Many other Fixes.

Download GP WhatsApp Apk

Download GP WhatsApp