Download Filelinked for free Streaming Apps – Install on Nvidia Shield

How to install filelinked on your Nvidia shield also stick around all the way to the end and I will actually give a filelinked code that’s going to give you access to some of the most popular Streaming Apks. Frequently and I’ll also show you how you can remove the files you downloaded from file linked after they’re installed. So they don’t take up so much space so let’s get file linked installed and then show you that code where you can download some apks right away.

First just go ahead and go to apps on your Nvidia shield and then click on whatever browser you have. I’m gonna click on Chrome then just go ahead and type in where you see it says search for type a web address and we’re going to type

press ENTER and then you’ll get the download prompt on Chrome or most your browser’s and click download you can then open it right here and I didn’t open it fast enough so what we need to do is if you have that problem or can’t find it let’s just go to the home screen and use ES File Explorer  if you don’t have you can installed it is in the Play Store just search for ES File Explorer and install. That now we’re going to go in here and look for it it’ll be under local usually and see if it shows it under download and it does. You’ll see FileLinked then click install and you’ll click install right down and that’s it.You may be asked that you need to authorize them to allow you to download it if you do just click “settings” and go ahead and allow that just be installed.

Then you’ll just go ahead and click open newly installed Filelinked app. All in one Filelinked Code is mentioned below.

Best Filelinked Code : 17779393

To download and install install these apps  click on the little down arrow. Here we’re doing AppFlix. After it complete downloading click the play button. You’re getting one of those click settings if you get this wait for everything to pop up here and you’ll need to look in select to allow file least I get that selected their file week to install go ahead and backup click the play button again install give it just a moment to finish installing. Then just go ahead and you can either open it right now or simply click done. If you go back to the home screen now and go to your app section you will find filelinked apk in there and Appflix apk that just installed.

How you can remove the files you downloaded so you’ll launch FileLinked and right up at the main screen where you enter the code you see little trash can click on that do you want to delete all files from the filelinked downloaded folder you can also find this folder in the ES File Explorer but just click yes it’ll go ahead and remove all the files that get downloaded. Because once they’re installed you no longer need the install file.

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